The BEALSTONE coating provides a unique style to your design projects thanks to its terrazzo look and its exceptional properties!

The BEALSTONE coating is a new generation binder, fully customizable and designed to be mixed with many different kinds of aggregates (stones, shells, broken bottles, metal parts…). Its thickness (as from 2 mm) fits in any interior or exterior project: walls, floors, furniture, countertops,…

The BEALSTONE coating has many technical and aesthetic benefits for both building renovation and new construction.

A blend of materials

The BEALSTONE coating assembles materials and offers a beautiful mottled results. It binds all the components to form a single and hardwearing coating. from shells or metal chips to fragments of bottles or mirror shards, the BEALSTONE coating dresses up your surfaces, both indoor and outdoor, horizontally or vertically, according to your taste.

A customized seamless coating

The BEALSTONE coating is applied in thin layers (as from 2 mm) and fits anywhere in the house and beyond to get a coating with seamless appearance (depending on the surface). The BEALSTONE coating covers as well walls and floors as furniture!

Multiple decorative possibilities

The BEALSTONE coating offers a wide variety of decorative possibilities both in terms of renderings or purposes: sink units, bathrooms, tables, countertops, etc.

Restoration almost identical

A wide variety of materials can be integrated in the BEALSTONE coating and it is also possible to have an accurate pigmentation. Thanks to these possibilities and the know-how of the applicator, old coatings from the Art Deco period can be restored almost identically.

From the floor to the walls, inside and outside, for your furniture or decoration, let your imagination wander. Explore multiple possibilities through the BEALSTONE coating, the mineral skin with an exclusive terrazzo look!

Floors & Stairs

Realize your vision

The BEALSTONE coating, hardwearing covering, offers your floors and stairs, an elegant and continuous appearance. The exclusive finishes of this coating make it an ideal choice for your decorative projects, whether contemporary, Art Deco, vintage or post-modern.


Restore your terrazzo successfully

With the BEALSTONE coating, the repair of old terrazzo surfaces (floors or tiles) is now possible. After a search of stones and color, make some tests with the BEALSTONE coating to get your terrazzo alike!


Reflection of your personality

Colored according to your desires, the BEALSTONE coating is combined with a variety of aggregates and offers then endless combinations to make your exclusive furniture! Tables, countertops, desks … the BEALSTONE coating reflects your personality, your taste and creativity.

BEALSTONE GLOW : no limits to your creativity

A stunning Terrazzo by daytime, lights up your interior with hundreds of lighted dots by night. Not only beautiful to look at, but also functional, you can find your way in the dark without using energy! 10 minutes of daylight is sufficient for 10 to 12 hours of glow pleasure.

BEALSTONE LUMI : an exclusive Terrazzo, beautiful as a gem.

With the Lumi aggregates you can achieve a beautiful backlight effect in your terrazzo project. Beautiful during the day and at night, ideal for commercial projects

Ensure the success of your work with first class training!

Technical and aesthetic, the BEALSTONE coating offers a unique result, according to the expertise and skills of the person who lays it on.

To ensure the success of your project, BEAL, the BEALSTONE coating’s manufacturer, proposes to learn more about the product’s implementation in its own training centers and at its partners’. Those training sessions go from an initiation to different laying protocols in relation with your project.

We recommend that you protect your BEALSTONE against stains, just like a natural stone.

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